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DETAILS OF THE SERVICES : Katy (KTG) offers a variety of services that are all related to well being and to being well balanced and feeling good

ANNOUNCEMENT OF UPCOMING EVENTS : As exciting as it can be, an on-site celebrity, or other event happening, please check the site regularly, so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

HEART FELT TESTIMONIALS : KTG changed my hair. Katy was so lively, that she boosted my self esteem. Katy met me at 6am, because that was the time i only could do. Katy met me where I was and made everything possible for me. KATY is so present and so involved with the world that I want to be part of hers. Katy's secrets are working so well for me. She shares and I listen. She has tips for healthy hair, healthy life style, the body alignment, the accupressure points, her way of living is to be followed.


If a special holiday sale or weekly special is running. it will be promoted in this section  and on top of the website.

The excitement of the guests and customers about getting a sweet deal or a special promotion, is important.

BIG NEWS ARE SHARED, not kept...

Katy is now able to operate in any location.

''I am licensed in different states'', she says..

In this section, you will learn about the business, or added a new product or service?

Katy does not keep it to herself, she lets folks know.


Do you have any questions ?  we have answers...

The most frequently asked questions, are displayed in this section  so everybody benefits.

I live in an other state, and I just want a tutorial or answers to my needs.

Yes excellent, I live in Paris and Katy has provided me with videos, one on one tutorials and it is so easy to deal with her.

Just contact her at 

202 900 9400

About Us


Our purpose

It is through connection and listening, that we will meet. 

Our consultation for any service, either hair or mentoring start by a personalized assessment.

Contact us for a list of our services


Generating excitement

Katy's law of True North Alignment is applied everywhere. 

clients and us like to enjoy time together

Because life is needed to be lived

Because we are meeting each other,

Let us plan the destination to the goal that is in you together.

Menu / Price List

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